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We’re about to talk about our specialist subject, dough stick drum roll please.

At Zizzi, we are passionate about our food. We take great pride in what comes in and out of our kitchens. It starts with the ingredients – always simple and well prepared. We only use Arborio rice (named after the town in the Po valley region where it’s grown) because we’ve yet to find a creamier one. Don’t get Angelo, our head chef, onto tomatoes, I promise you’ll be here forever. There’s nothing complicated about our approach, we love simple Italian cookery and we believe that you can taste when someone loves what they do.

We’ve tasted more than our fair share of lousy ones on our travels, usually seasoned with a cupboard and a half of garlic and chilli to make up for the lack of taste. Not so the Goddess Olive, the queen of the grove. She’s vivid green like an emerald, with a firm-textured flesh and a nutty flavour. These savoury little sweets are the Malteasers of the olive world. We eat them by the handful, which is probably a good thing as we’ve ordered sixty tonnes!